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Our Goal

At Psych Health Centers it is our main goal to assure the comfort and well being of every single client. No matter what you are trying to overcome or cope with, we are dedicated to making sure you or your loved one leaves our facility with the therapy and tools they need to be able to not only live a happy and healthy life, but thrive as well.

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Professional Treatment

Every phase of the treatment process is carefully and strategically tailored to fit each individual client to create the best result possible. 

Quality Care

Our industry professionals are dedicated and passionate about helping people find a path towards success. This makes for the highest quality of care the industry provides.

Supportive & Compassionate

We provide for a healthy, understanding and caring environment. This is critical for creating the opportunity to change and grow into a new life.

Evidenced Based Therapies

We utilize the very latest and most effective evidenced based therapies to help you or your loved one grow. Some of these therapies are one-on-one therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, holistic therapy, and gestalt therapy. 

Our Facility

We have an accommodating, comfortable, and supportive environment deliberately designed to make every step of the recovery process as effective as possible. Whether it be a fully stocked kitchen or spacious and relaxing room, everything has been made to assure the best possible outcome for your health both mentally and physically. 

What Makes Us Different

When you come to Psych Health Centers, you aren’t just another client through the door. Our team of industry professionals are driven by passion and dedicated creating the best experience possible.

We Accept All Major ppo Insurance Providers

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Former Client


Psych Health Centers gave me the tools I needed to help me cope with my issues and live a happy and healthy life. I highly recommend this place to anyone!

- James R

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